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3-D Augmented Reality – Microsoft HoloLens

Real-time 3-D Augmented Reality demonstrated at AWE USA 2017, Booth #543 CurvSurf.

This video is taken by Microsoft HoloLens and CurvSurf FindSurface, and edited in three cuts:

Cut #1: Finding and measuring sphere, cylinder, and aircraft in vertex factors of spatial mapping with HoloLens.
– HoloLens supplies spatial mapping and movement monitoring info.
– CurvSurf FindSurface detects, acknowledges, and measures the item measurement, place, and orientation from 3-D level cloud.

With the geometric info of actual objects, we will make the next easy 3-D AR examples as in Cut #2 & #three.

Cut #2:
– Virtual flying ball round actual fitness center ball with occlusion
– Virtual drawing on actual doll home
– Virtual tiling on actual flooring.

Cut #three: Virtual rotating poster on actual column.

We differentiate 3-D AR from present 2-D AR:
– 2-D AR: based mostly on picture processing and aircraft detection
– 3-D AR: based mostly on 3-D object measurement of floor form, measurement, place, and orientation of actual objects.

Microsoft HoloLens, CurvSurf FindSurface, DirectX.
HoloLens offers FindSurface with level cloud & gadget movement.
FindSurface determines the place & measurement of health club ball.
For every video body, the virtual sphere (of the fitness center ball) is rendered transparently i.e. in black with z-buffering & again-face culling.

Augmented reality, occlusion, least squares, orthogonal distance becoming, object monitoring, object detection, object recognition, level cloud, aircraft, field, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus, Microsoft Kinect, Google Tango, Intel RealSense, Microsoft HoloLens, LNCS 3151


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