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Virtual Reality Porn: The Next Greatest Threat to the Church?

Ready or not, the new frontier of pornography is right here.  A reporter who was invited to expertise virtual reality pornography with a Samsung Gear VR headset chronicled the lifelike particulars of a sexual encounter.  He famous “after trying out VR porn, I don’t think anyone who experiences it will be able to go back to 2D porn.  It’s that ...

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Best games to play with the Gear VR controller

Picked up the new Gear VR with the new controller? These are the games it is best to attempt. The Gear VR controller is a useful addition the virtual reality headset that provides quite a lot of controls to your expertise. The controller is movement delicate and has a small set of well-placed buttons. Game builders have taken benefit of ...

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Supermedium launches its virtual reality web browser backed by Y Combinator

Virtual reality’s content material drawback has been so irritating for customers as a result of the medium’s promise has been that it could actually take customers anyplace. As builders proceed to construct up these worlds, Supermedium is launching out of Y Combinator’s winter batch with a browser that it hopes can present individuals the guarantees of virtual reality content material that ...

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Here’s how Intel will create the virtual reality version of the Olympics

NEW YORK — Over the subsequent few weeks, roughly 4 dozen Intel staff will descend upon Pyeongchang, South Korea in an enormous enterprise that will see the know-how firm reworked right into a cellular manufacturing home with subject crews, producers and virtual reality cameras. In what will be the largest-scale virtual reality event to date and the first reside virtual ...

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Ubiquitous AR to dominate focused VR by 2022

Tim Merel is managing director of Digi-Capital. More posts by this contributor: AR (cellular AR, smartglasses) might strategy three and a half billion put in base and $85 billion to $90 billion income inside 5 years. At the identical time, VR (cellular, standalone, console, PC) may ship 50 million to 60 million put in base and $10 billion to $15 billion. ...

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