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Decades-old skateboarding trick mixes with virtual reality

Leave it to Tony Hawk to combine a decades-old skateboarding trick with the newest in virtual reality know-how. The 50-year-old skateboarding pioneer and entrepreneur is dragging his 360-degree loop ramp out of storage and giving a handful of younger skaters the prospect to attempt to nail the near-impossible trick on a stay virtual reality broadcast Sunday from his San Diego ...

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Save 20% On the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

By Sean Fallon – August 21, 2018 The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is certainly one in every of your greatest choices for plug-and-play on-line gaming on the PlayStation four. Now it is additional tempting to purchase as a result of Amazon simply slashed the worth to $79.99 for Prime members. That’s 20% off the listing worth and an all-time low. ...

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Zero Hour’ is the tactical shooter PSVR needs

My complete group is lifeless. I’m the lone survivor, and almost out of ammo. I’m strolling to the goal in the kitchen. I open the door and a man pops out however fortunately his gun is down. Quick on the draw, I shoot him in the face with a revolver. It turned out I fragged Damoun Shabestari, the recreation director ...

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