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Bring it all together

Ok so I will plan on putting together a more comprehensive “arrangement” of VR technologies. VR is not just the hood. We need to organize the the entire realm.  The Hood, the Software, Hand and body sensors, 3D printing, the works. That is what will make it a Virtual Reality. Stay tuned.

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Yeah,  I know the title is a little bit weird. But there are a bazillion buyer’s guides to just about anything.  And it’s annoying when you pour through one just to find out that they were just click bait for their favorite commission paying products.  Nothing against commissions, but sometimes you want a true picture of whats out there. Here ...

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Virtual Reality is Running Away

After a few years of seeming false starts and disappointments, VR technology is finally seeming to get some traction. But still it seems to be going in many directions as once; it is the Wild West of technology, much like the internet. So how do you focus you attention? First, keep an eye on the news; stay engaged Look for ...

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