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Don’t watch a movie, experience it.

The Glyph Personal Theater Headset ship a tremendous, immersive residence theater experience in a single moveable system.

It’s like a private residence theater you’ll be able to take anyplace, and even enables you to watch 3D. Using retinal imaging know-how, the set tasks films, exhibits, and even video games onto your eye to imitate pure sight. The experience is like seeing one thing in entrance of you relatively than merely watching it on a display.

The system permits you to modify prescription settings to accommodate your imaginative and prescient and there are interchangeable nostril items to make sure a cozy match. And this enhanced viewing experience offers added privateness, too. It’s good to tackle lengthy journeys, or to make use of at house if you don’t need to disturb anybody else. Wherever you employ it, this headphone-meets-virtual reality headset turns watching into immersive leisure.


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