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ExploreEDU event brings Downriver educators together to learn about new classroom technologies | Schools

Technology got here to Taylor’s Truman High School on Thursday, and it arrange store within the gymnasium.

The event, referred to as ExploreEDU, was placed on collectively by Google for Education and Tierney, a know-how options supplier for each company and academic areas.

ExploreEDU put academics and consultant from Taylor faculties, in addition to faculties from surrounding districts, together in a single place to speak and learn about new technologies and methods for studying. The event included demonstrations and a panel dialogue.

“It’s really very exciting,” Taylor Assistant Supt. Mary Ann Cyr stated. “We are bringing in educators from all over the county to learn together and brainstorm about new ways we can bring technology into the classroom.”

According to Cyr, the collaborative nature of the event was essential.

“We always want to be looking for new ways of doing things and new ideas,” she stated. “And we find we get that when we put our heads together.”

While ExploreEDU was a one-day event, Cyr stated, it’s a step to making the Taylor School District one of many county’s leaders in technological schooling.

“We are taking it one step at a time,” she stated. “But we can’t thank the community enough, Without passing the (most recent) bond, none of this would have been able to happen. And we want to thank the school board, as well, who were willing to let us do our job and push the boundaries of a different kind of learning.”

Some of the technologies the group discovered about are issues that savvy pc customers and companies already use, issues like Google Drive – Google’s cloud-based storage system – and Google Calendar.

“We started using some of the Google Suite applications last year,” Taylor’s School Improvement Coordinator Tracey Carroll stated. “And we got great feedback from many of our teachers.”

One method college students have been utilizing the Google purposes was to flip in work remotely.

“We had teachers telling us their students were able to send them assignments over Christmas break,” Carroll stated. “So the teachers got the work and were able to have it graded by the time school resumed. It was very efficient.”

One of the preferred items of know-how that Tierney introduced was Google Cardboard, Google’s virtual reality headset.

“It’s such a cool thing to have in a classroom,” Tierney’s Ryan Semans stated. “It’s cool because it’s something not everyone has gotten a chance to mess around with yet, but, used the right way, VR can be a fantastic teaching tool in the classroom.”

Semans stated that virtual reality may give college students the prospect to see and expertise issues they wouldn’t in any other case have the ability to do.

“Used correctly, VR can let a student explore the ocean floor,” he stated. “It can let a student instantly travel to another country or watch how something gets built. It could be revolutionary for education.”

As Taylor continues down the trail of creating extra technologically-fueled lecture rooms, Carroll stated the faculties are making progress.

“I think we are headed in the right direction,” she stated. “We are in the process of really fleshing out our goals and putting together our long-term plans.”

One of these objectives is to have a 1-to-1 device-to-student ratio in lecture rooms. Right now, Taylor college students are utilizing Google Chomebook laptops, Carroll stated.

“Computers are a huge part of our lives now,” she stated. “That’s not going to change. So, we feel that it’s in our best interest to introduce our students to them early and to teach them to use them as efficiently as possible. We want to give our students every possible advantage.”

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