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Facebook CEO Asks for Investor Patience on VR, ‘it’s not going to be really profitable for us for quite a while’

Ever since Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has poised the transfer as a strategic guess on a know-how that might ultimately change the best way we talk. In the corporate’s most up-to-date earnings name, Zuckerberg requested for “the patience of the investor community” as he reminded them about his perception in Oculus as a long run guess.

Addressing questions from buyers and analysts on what’s perceived to be a sluggish begin for Facebook’s VR plans, Zuckerberg didn’t supply up any particular gross sales metrics for the Oculus Rift, however pointed to Samsung’s current announcement that 5 million Gear VR headsets have now been shipped (Oculus makes the software program that powers Gear VR).

And whereas he did nod to the delayed rollout of the Rift and Touch controllers in 2016, he believes the corporate’s efforts in kickstarting VR content material is “coming at a reasonable clip.” Facebook has been investing giant sums of money into VR content material improvement—and lately committed another $250 million—a few of which has controversially been used to help games unique to Oculus’ platform.

Early on there’s this difficulty which is that when you’re a AAA recreation developer, till there’s a sure quantity of models within the area, you’re not going to be in a position to make sufficient cash to fund your recreation improvement simply based mostly off of individuals shopping for your content material. That’s why we’re investing a lot capital in content material to seed the ecosystem and remedy this hen and egg drawback, of you want the content material so as to create the ecosystem.

Photo courtesy Mark Zuckerberg
Photo courtesy Mark Zuckerberg

His sentiment mirrored what we heard lately from Oculus’ Head of Content, who elaborated on the company’s belief that their approach is the only way to create a viable, self-sustaining VR content ecosystem.

And whereas Zuckerberg might be enthusiastic concerning the tempo of VR content material improvement, he reaffirmed his perception in a 10 yr trajectory for VR (presumably which means how lengthy it’s going to take to obtain widespread use), and requested buyers for their endurance as the corporate appears towards 2024, the 10 yr anniversary of the Oculus acquisition.

…I don’t assume that there’s really a technique to pull [VR’s trajectory] in from ten years to 5; I simply assume it’s going to be a 10 yr factor. The analogy I all the time use, the primary Smartphones got here out in 2013—sorry, 2003—the Blackberry and Palm Treo. And it took 10 years to get to a billion models.

I don’t know there was one thing that people might have finished to make that occur quick however I feel that was fairly good. And if we will be on a comparable trajectory of anyplace close to 10 years for VR and AR, then I might really feel excellent about that. And I really feel like we’re making the appropriate bets now to plant the seeds for that. But I might ask for the endurance of the investor group in doing that as a result of we’re going to make investments a lot on this and it’s not going to return or be really profitable for us for quite a whereas.

To his credit score, that’s not spin from Zuckerberg. More than a yr in the past he told investors the same anecdote about the early smartphone market, and set first yr gross sales expectations for VR headsets within the ‘lots of of hundreds of models’, which by most estimates Oculus has certainly achieved.

“Virtual reality has the potential to be the subsequent computing platform that modifications all our lives,” he informed buyers throughout a 2015 earnings name. “It’s important to also recognize that this will grow slowly, like computers and mobile phones when they first arrived. So we’re committed to Oculus and virtual reality for the long term.”

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And whereas Zuckerberg’s perception in VR as a long run guess hasn’t modified, the recent verdict of the ZeniMax v. Oculus trial might put a wrinkle in that timeline. While Facebook itself escaped damages ensuing from the lawsuit, Oculus (a subsidiary of Facebook) and two of its founders have been ordered to pay a combined $500 million in damages to ZeniMax. The trial was not addressed within the firm’s most up-to-date earnings name, which was held on the identical day, simply earlier than the jury got here to its determination.

It isn’t but clear if the decision will alter Facebook’s plans for Oculus and VR. So far it doesn’t seem to have had any main impression on the corporate’s inventory worth.

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