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Google Photos 3.18 hints at category-specific archiving, possible Cardboard Camera integration [APK Insight]

The up to date record of I/O 2018 periods yesterday hinted at “exciting updates” for Google Photos at the annual developer convention in May. Till then, model three.18 is rolling out with work persevering with on liking photographs and movies in shared albums, extra exact archiving, and possible Cardboard Camera integration.

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About APK Insight: In this ‘APK Insight’ publish, we’ve decompiled the newest model of an software that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these information (referred to as APKs, within the case of Android apps), we’re capable of see numerous strains of code inside that trace at possible future options. Keep in thoughts that Google might or might not ever ship these options, and our interpretation of what they’re could also be imperfect. We’ll attempt to allow these which might be nearer to being completed, nevertheless, to point out you ways they’ll look within the case that they do ship. With that in thoughts, learn on.

Stars for favorites, Hearts for liking

Since February, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a “favorites” function in Google Photos. We’ve been able to again enable it with model three.18, however this replace principally exhibits progress on the counterpart “liking” function for shared albums. As we first detailed in 3.15, this latter function will probably be represented by a “heart” icon, as an alternative of a “star.”

New strings element a notification when one other consumer has favored a photograph or video that may be a part of comparable alerts for views and feedback. There may even be one other immediate when there’s “Trouble toggling heart.”

<string identify=”photos_sharingtab_impl_viewbinders_activity_liked_a_photo”>%s favored a photograph</string>

<string identify=”photos_sharingtab_impl_viewbinders_activity_liked_a_video”>%s favored a video</string>

<string identify=”photos_sharingtab_impl_viewbinders_activity_liked_this”>%s favored this</string>

<string identify=”photos_hearts_photoui_error_toggling_heart”>Trouble toggling coronary heart</string>

<string identify=”photos_hearts_popupmenu_delete”>Delete</string>

<string identify=”photos_hearts_popupmenu_error_toast”>Trouble eradicating like.</string>

<string identify=”photos_hearts_popupmenu_toast_deleted”>Deleted</string>

Meanwhile in shared albums, customers will be capable of set whether or not others can like a photograph. This setting will probably be tied with the prevailing remark choice.

<string identify=”photos_envelope_settings_canaddcomment_allow_comments_and_likes”>Comments &amp; likes</string>

<string identify=”photos_envelope_settings_canaddcomment_allow_comments_and_likes_description”>Let others reply</string>

More exact archiving by class

Last June, Assistant in Google Photos started suggesting items in your library to archive. This function works fairly broadly and teams every thing from screenshots to footage of receipts collectively.

A brand new string in model three.18 means that Photos may be capable of determine objects in photographs after which archive simply that class of merchandise. Recognized courses embrace memes, newspapers, menus, receipts, sketches, and extra.

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_archive”>Archive</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_business_card”>Archive this enterprise card</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_document”>Archive this doc</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_id”>Archive this ID</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_label”>Archive this label</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_meme”>Archive this meme</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_menu”>Archive this menu</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_newspaper”>Archive this newspaper</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_note”>Archive this notice</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_passport”>Archive this passport</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_receipt”>Archive this receipt</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_screenshot”>Archive this screenshot</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_features_sketch”>Archive this sketch</string>

<string identify=”photos_suggestedactions_archive_help_dialog_title”>Archive to remain organized</string>

Cardboard Camera integration

Virtual reality is an enormous division and focus at Google from Cardboard and now standalone Daydream VR headsets. On the seize aspect, Google is pushing Jump camera rigs for professionals and VR180 on the buyer aspect. However, the corporate additionally had Cardboard Camera.

<string identify=”photos_vr_cardboard_camera_body_text”>Download Cardboard Camera to create panoramas with depth and sound</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_cardboard_camera_header_text”>Capture your personal VR photographs</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_dismiss_button”>Dismiss</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_learn_more_button”>Get App</string>

Launched in 2015, a possible revamp is within the works given new strings that element a immediate to download the app “to create panoramas with depth and sound.” As a part of this integration, Photos would give prominence to “VR photos” with some type of devoted tab.

<string identify=”photos_vr_shared_sync_body_text”>View VR photographs shared by means of Cardboard Camera by enabling again up and sync for the folder containing the pictures.</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_shared_sync_dismiss_button”>Dismiss</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_shared_sync_enable_button”>Enable</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_shared_sync_header_text”>Cardboard Camera shared pictures</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_tab_all_photos”>All pictures</string>

<string identify=”photos_vr_tab_vr_photos”>VR photographs</string>

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