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How to properly clean your Oculus Rift

It does not matter in case you’re the only consumer of your Oculus Rift or if it is the lifetime of the social gathering for you and your family and friends, it is going to get soiled. Oils, grease, fingerprints, and who-knows-what-else are going to find yourself throughout it. Or, I do not know, perhaps you took it out within the winter for some cool aesthetic footage and now want to get that inconvenience mud we name snow off of it! You spent good cash on your favourite new toy, so do not let it grow to be a number for micro organism and start showing you some issues. Keep it clean regularly and you will really feel higher sporting it. Here’s how.

Cleaning the face cushion

The facial interface foam on the headset is gentle and cozy and virtually looks like felt. Unfortunately, it is also tremendous absorbent in the event you begin sweating. You will want non-abrasive facial or child wipes (something that’s protected for pores and skin).

  1. Use your wipe to clean off all fo the rubber and plastic items of the Rift.
  2. Use a brand new wipe to clean off the material items.
  3. Allow the gadget to dry COMPLETELY earlier than utilizing once more.

If you are feeling as if your system is just too far gone, fortunately you will discover replacements for these elements for higher hygiene for about 49.99 on Amazon.

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Cleaning the top strap

The vertical and horizontal head straps are going to tackle oils from your hair and scalp. If you have got a number of individuals frequently utilizing your headset they are going to want cleansing, too. The similar non-abrasive, antibacterial wipes that you simply use to clean the face cushion can be utilized to clean the straps. An various can be to use a clean material, soaked in soapy heat water and wrung out extraordinarily nicely; wipe the top straps down after which promptly dry them with a clean towel.

Remember to dry the system and permit it to utterly dry earlier than subsequent use!

Cleaning the Oculus Remote

Think concerning the final time you cleaned your TV distant… come to consider it, have you ever ever cleaned your TV distant? Grease, oils, fingerprints, you identify it and it will get everywhere in the distant. A every day wipe with a dry material is sweet upkeep, however a extra thorough and cautious clean with a non-abrasive, antibacterial wipe would even be a good suggestion.

If you are feeling you’ve got ruined them past restore you’ll find a brand new set on Amazon for about $99.99!

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Cleaning the lenses

No matter how arduous you attempt to keep away from fingerprints on your lenses, they are going to find yourself there. You’ll want a can of compressed air, a Q-Tip and a dry microfiber lens. Do not use something moist or with any kind of alcohol on your lenses.

  1. Use the dry microfiber material to begin within the middle of the lens and wipe in a round movement till you attain the top.
  2. Do a last swipe of the ring of the lenses.
  3. Use your can of compressed air to gently spray the nook between the headset and the lens to launch any compacted mud.
  4. Finally, use your Q-Tip to wipe away the rest of the mud!

Cleaning the sensor

To clean the sensor (which is a reasonably essential a part of this entire package deal) use a dry microfiber material and wipe rigorously in a round movement to take away any fingerprints, mud, or different grime which will have discovered its method onto it.

For cleansing the sensor stand, use a dry material should you’re simply wanting to take away any mud or different particles; use a non-abrasive, antibacterial wipe if it is in want of a extra thorough cleansing.

Cleaning the headphones

Thankfully the headphones to an Oculus Rift are removable and fairly straightforward to clean. Should they require a bit of wipe down, use a skin-safe, non-abrasive, antibacterial wipe and a dry paper towel.

  1. Remove the headphones from the Oculus Rift if they’re at present hooked up.
  2. Wipe down the headphones with the antibacterial wipe, watch out not to get the cushions too moist.
  3. Go over it as soon as extra with a dry paper towel.
  4. Give the headset a great minute or two to air out earlier than subsequent use! If you bought the cushions moist, wait till they’ve tried utterly earlier than use.

If you are feeling you might have ruined them past restore you will discover a brand new set on Amazon for about $49.99!

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Extra useful ideas

  • Remove any make-up earlier than placing the headset on, particularly stuff like basis and eyeshadow.

  • Wipe your face with a skin-safe cleaning material and let it dry earlier than you play. By doing this, you are not solely stopping micro organism and sweat from ending up on the face cushion, you are stopping your pores from clogging with oils when you play.

  • If you propose on some intense, extended gameplay, put on a sports activities headband to hold sweat from dripping down your brow and into the face cushion.

  • Consider shopping for a VR headset cowl. There are a number of corporations at present manufacturing cotton covers for VR face cushions which are detachable and mechanically cleanable.


What are your favourite ideas and tips for protecting your system clean? Let us know within the commnet part under!

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