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HTC Launching Mobile Vive VR Headset For U Ultra Flagship Smartphone This Year

It’s turning into more and more clear that HTC is placing a lot of its weight behind virtual reality (VR), and it is little question for good cause. The firm is at present chargeable for top-of-the-line VR kits available on the market (HTC Vive), and with your complete VR realm rising at an alarming price, the corporate stands to profit handsomely for its efforts.

HTC Vive headset

For that cause, it isn’t a shock to study that HTC is planning to launch extra VR headsets sooner or later; however its subsequent product goes in a barely totally different path. It’s not going to be a true Vive successor, and it isn’t going to be a “copycat” gadget, which suggests it isn’t going to be HTC’s tackle the Google Daydream¬†View or Samsung Gear VR.

So what is going to it’s? At this level, it is all a guessing recreation. If it isn’t a high-end headset, and never a low-end headset, it looks like it might develop into a “mid-range” system. But on the similar time, the system is claimed to be suitable with HTC’s upcoming flagship U Ultra smartphone, which means it is at the very least “mobile VR”.

htc u ultra 3
HTC’s upcoming U Ultra smartphone

Complicating our guesses additional, HTC’s president of Global Sales Chia-lin Chang stated that it is “not a phone slapped onto a headset”. Our curiosity is certainly piqued, and given what we have seen from the Vive, we will not wait to see what HTC truly has in retailer.


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