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New virtual reality game can tell when you’re not scared enough – and turn up the terror

You’re the sole survivor of a horrible subway crash, looking for your means out by means of the darkish tunnels. 

But one way or the other, the shadows are coming alive. 

And they know when you’re most afraid.

“We can actually put whispers at the nape of your neck,” says Red Meat Games proprietor Keith Makse, laughing.

Bring to Light begins after a devastating subway crash.

Bring to Light is his firm’s newest creation — a virtual reality scramble to get out of an deserted system of subway tunnels.

But there is a twist.

Using coronary heart-fee screens, the game responds to the participant’s coronary heart price. If the participant appears too relaxed, the game is aware of.

“And then it knows when to scare you more,” Makse stated. 

“When it is low, that is when we all know we can … dial up the creep issue and have leap scares and have issues that crawl and slither, or doorways shaking when you stroll previous them. It will truly mirror in your coronary heart fee in a short time.

Keith Makse began Red Meat Games in 2013 in St. John’s. (Submitted by Keith Makse)

But if the coronary heart is pumping too arduous, the terror will get dialed down once more, Makse stated.

“We’re good individuals. We’re not going to let you’ve a coronary heart assault.”

First time biometrics used to steer game play

Makse launched Red Meat Games in St. John’s in 2013, with assist from the Genesis Centre, an innovation hub for know-how startups.

In 2015, he moved it to Ontario and has just lately expanded and opened one other workplace in Halifax.

Bring To Light is the firm’s fifth VR undertaking, however it is the first time the firm has used biometric suggestions to steer the game play.

It’s the first time any firm has carried out this, he stated.

“We’re creating some distinctive know-how that has by no means been carried out earlier than in games.”

The tooth in the gaping mouths of the Bring to Light monsters are dripping with blood – they’re dripping with shadows. (Submitted by Keith Makse)

He’s doing it with the assist of Judy Ehrentraut, a PhD scholar taking a look at games and their potential interactions with the human physique at the University of Waterloo’s Games Institute.

“We’ve actually checked out the ethics of the gaming aspect with a coronary heart fee monitor and ensuring that at the finish of the day, the participant is protected,” he stated.

“We’re taking good care of the participant. If their coronary heart price is just too excessive … no one would need to proceed on in that have, it is too nerve-racking.”

Bring to Light was launched on Friday the 13th.

He identified that some individuals do not even get scared when they play horror games. They can concentrate on the puzzle or the quest.

“Meanwhile, I simply curl up right into a fetal place and cry,” he said, laughing again. “And then in VR, it is fantastic as a result of despite the fact that you’ve this headset you can take off, I simply shut my eyes whereas I am in there. And I nonetheless take heed to the horrible issues which are consuming my flesh.”

Bring to Light launched on the Steam platform on Friday — Friday the 13th, in fact. Makse is hoping it can catch on and wind up on main platforms like PlayStation.

The game is accessible for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and to play on a PC with no headset.

Read more storied from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

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