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Oculus Touch Insides Revealed in Detailed Teardown

iFixit proceed their relentless quest to tug aside each digital gadget they will get their palms on, together with a detailed teardown of the Oculus Touch controllers (which slipped by us on the run as much as the Winter vacation season).

The Oculus Touch movement controllers took longer to succeed in the market than many would have appreciated, however the ultimate product was very well received. As an ergonomics train, Touch comfortably surpassed HTC’s Vive controllers, being extra naturally sculpted (with opposing shapes for the left and proper hand), and with higher weight distribution, permitting them to relaxation in the palms with solely a unfastened grip. And being much more compact too, it’s also a powerful design train, so it’s fascinating to see the models disassembled and discover the place (and the way) all of the elements have been stuffed inside.

oculus touch teardown (5)
Photo courtesy iFixit (BY-NC-SA)

Oculus doesn’t anticipate the top consumer to fiddle with the Touch internals, so it’s no shock that there are a bunch of hidden screws and layers of glue obstructing the teardown course of. Once inside, the complicated packaging job is revealed, with its densely layered circuit boards barely losing any area.

oculus touch teardown (3)
Photo courtesy iFixit (BY-NC-SA)

The ‘spinal cord’ of the LED array is a neat design, containing 22 of the 24 IR LEDs which are hid behind the floor of the controller’s monitoring ring, very similar to the hidden LEDs in the Rift headset. iFixit factors out that 24 can also be the variety of sensors embedded in every Vive controller; in all probability a coincidence, contemplating the 2 methods take very totally different approaches to monitoring.

oculus touch teardown (2)
Photo courtesy iFixit (BY-NC-SA)

The primary board is crammed filled with elements, together with some acquainted Bluetooth and movement processing chips. It additionally options two springs that sit under the face buttons, that are a part of the capacitive sensing circuit. The linear oscillator is mounted low down in the grip, close to the battery, as it will ship the simplest vibration there, whereas additionally serving to to realize the Touch’s wonderful weight distribution.

For all the small print, together with lots extra detailed pictures of the hardware and elements inside, go to the full teardown at iFixit.

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