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Reboant Demo Offers AAA Vive Visuals, But Gameplay Is Lacking

The first time you lay eyes on Reboant you assume it’s too good to be true. Screenshots and trailers promise AAA manufacturing values, with visuals that frankly rival industry-leading games. But this can be a recreation that’s seemingly appeared from skinny air promising a full shooter expertise for the HTC Vive; Chinese developer DarkLord is unquestionably pulling the wool over our eyes, proper?

Well, based mostly on the brief demo now on Steam (bizarrely priced at $zero.99), it’s nonetheless somewhat onerous to inform. Reboant is certainly visually arresting; from the second you pull on the headset you’ll end up intently inspecting the stainless element DarkLord has layered into the environments and character fashions. Artistically, it seems like stepping right into a Gears of War recreation with the complete may of Microsoft’s manufacturing values behind it, although it doesn’t fairly measure as much as the finely-tuned screenshots.

You quickly end up on a wierd alien planet with a squad of gruff troopers. Again, the character fashions are completely beautiful, although the voice appearing is historically on the nostril. There’s not a lot rationalization for the place you’re and why you’re there, however you’ll spend an excessive amount of time gawking on the visuals to actually care.

There are a number of tips employed which will have helped DarkLord set this bar, although. Firstly, the alien planet setting is surrounded by mist, which makes the sport’s draw distances very brief. It well makes use of this to create some intense shootouts, however it is going to be fascinating to see if the complete recreation is drowned on this fog or if we’ll get some extra spectacular environments than the comparatively barren panorama you discover within the demo.

Unlike each different Vive shooter, Reboant doesn’t appear to function dual-wielding weapons, a minimum of not within the demo. Instead, you get a reasonably normal assault rifle that you simply hearth with one hand, whereas your different hand type of acts as a grappling hook; you purpose it on the floor and hearth a spring-loaded fist, which grabs the ground after which drags you in that path. It’s a pleasant strategy to function snug locomotion while nonetheless retaining immersion; you’re free you stroll round with room-scale within the space round you however when it’s time to maneuver on you’ll want to make use of this grappling system.

These options apart, although, Reboant strikes me as a reasonably simplistic shooter. As you discover your misty environment, Golem-like monsters sure as much as you, able to strike, and also you’ll get a moments’ slow-motion impact to care for them in the event that they get too shut. There’s undoubtedly an uncomfortable rigidity to wading via the fog, listening to the snarl of your enemies get nearer, and turning spherical to see one in your face, however they’re shortly taken care of and the monotony of being misplaced quickly replaces any pleasure.

And, for all the wonderful manufacturing values, I didn’t see something right here that may actually make me look after my squad or play to VR’s actual strengths. It appeared to supply every thing I’ve already achieved 1,000 occasions in VR, simply wanting a bit prettier.

Reboant does trace at greater and higher issues to return, with enemies armed with their very own weapons showing on the finish, however proper now it looks like the visuals are the primary purpose to verify this shooter out. Hopefully it may possibly supply some extra compelling causes come launch. It’s due for launch in early 2018.

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