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‘Robinson: The Journey’ Launches on Steam with Critical Bug and Lack of Official Vive Support

After remaining a PSVR unique since its November launch, Crytek’s beautiful Robinson: The Journey recently popped up on Oculus Home and has now come to Steam. Following the unlucky lack of VR controller help, a rocky Steam launch has been met with a serious bug stopping many gamers from launching the sport, and no official help for the HTC Vive.

Robinson: The Journey launched on PSVR in early November, and it appears a quick interval of exclusivity has lifted, with the sport hitting the Oculus retailer and now Steam over the previous few days. The recreation is the second full VR title for Crytek, who additionally developed the Oculus unique The Climb.

The title follows a younger boy and his robotic AI caretaker who’ve crash landed on a planet inhabited by lush foliage and dinosaurs each pleasant and fierce. While the sport’s undeniably beautiful visuals are an achievement for the younger VR market, the gameplay was hampered by the awkward use of a static gamepad to deal with many first-person hand interactions (a lot of which appear to have been purpose-built for movement controllers).

robinson-bugA important bug is stopping a big quantity of customers from launching Robinson: The Journey the game on SteamVR in any respect. The recreation’s dialogue discussion board is crammed largely with complaints of gamers not capable of play the sport because of a ‘Platform Error’. Crytek builders have acknowledged the bug on February 10th and purportedly issued a repair, however many gamers are nonetheless reporting the difficulty as of as we speak.

We downloaded the title to check it and are additionally unable to launch the sport because of the error. Data from SteamSpy suggests the difficulty is affecting almost 100% of customers, with simply 2 customers recorded as the sport’s all time peak gamers.

With its launch on Steam, Robinson: The Journey is now out there on all three main VR platforms, however solely two of the key headsets. That’s as a result of, whereas SteamVR is designed to be interoperable with many PC VR headsets, the builders have chosen to launch the sport on Steam with official help solely designated for the Oculus Rift. With the Vive outnumbering Rift customers on SteamVR three to 2, that leaves the sport unsupported by the bulk of VR headset customers on SteamVR.

In ‘Robinson: The Journey’, you management your arms with a gamepad, not hand controllers.

These points are underscored by the unlucky lack of VR controller help within the recreation, which we elaborated on previously:

Like Robinson, Crytek’s The Climb additionally initially launched solely with help for the gamepad, however that was earlier than Oculus launched Touch. Crytek ultimately made a serious replace to The Climb which introduced Touch help to the sport which, once more, felt made-for-motion-controllers from the start. Hopefully Robinson will see the identical remedy, however presently there’s no indication of whether or not or not that may occur.

Gamepad-only help makes slightly extra sense on the Rift although as a result of each Rift comes with an included gamepad. The Vive nevertheless comes commonplace with movement controls, so even when the sport supported the Vive on SteamVR, solely gamers who individually have a suitable gamepad would have the ability to play (until the builders took the additional awkward step of permitting the Vive’s movement controllers to emulate a static gamepad).

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New Settings in ‘Robinson: The Journey’ on Rift Let You Max Out Visuals

It’s been a rocky launch for Robinson on PC, which is a disgrace provided that it’s presently one of VR’s most extremely produced games, with its AAA graphics wanting much more spectacular within the PC model.

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