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Microsoft HoloLens : Walk round an MR holographic map of EGX 2016 created in VR using Oculus Quill

learn the complete article on 2D & 3D 360° VR & MR running a blog EGX 2016 So let’s take a extra detailed take a look at the holographic map I made of EGX 2016 using Oculus Quill through #HoloLens. Indoors and projected outside , because it’s too chilly. And my ideas on thereal utilization limitations of VR artist ...

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Microsoft HoloLens : A little ReCore-se on interaction between holographic and non game characters

by which I briefly introduce my holo pet Palmer to an AR M.A.C.Okay which can or is probably not the world’s first #MR holographic allegorical recreation of an occasion seminal to the rebooting of #VR ( when Palmer met Carmack) / an instance of and pondering the approaching interaction between holographic and non holographic characters that Mixed Reality lives will ...

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