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The HTC Vive’s new price is “one incentive among many” –

Back in August the HTC Vive VR headset noticed a price drop to $599 USD, and once we spoke to program supervisor Graham Breen just lately, he defined simply how excited the Vive staff are.

“It’s a really exciting time for us,” he informed us. “As you mentioned, there’s been a price drop […] which is really, really exciting because we’re heading into a busy part of the year where a lot of people are looking for VR.”

He additionally dwelled a bit extra on the price, saying: “So I think the price is pretty important in that we need to make it easier for people and that’s what we’re trying to do with the new price. So it’s one incentive but it’s one incentive among many. I’ve talked already about the amazing content, the triple A. What you get in the package is the best VR experience out there. So what you have – you’ve got two base stations, and those base stations then track the VR headset you have, and the two hand controllers, so those five items come in packaged for everyone, so it means everyone gets a full room-scale environment. When I say room-scale, it means you can walk around in VR – you are very accurately tracked and you get the whole experience.”

We requested concerning the suggestions he is acquired as nicely, for the games he talked about, and all of it appears constructive. “I’m really happy about the feedback actually,” he stated. “The number of people who’ve come out and said ‘yes, this is it, this is what I’m waiting for’. And with The Talos Principle, it gives you another style of game. So far in VR we’ve got a lot of shooters, but having a puzzle game is a completely different style, and it’s a genre that really fits well to VR.”

Do you assume you will be investing within the Vive in time for Christmas?

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