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Using Track IR in Pacific Strike/Strike Commander/Wings of Glory


While playing around in Pacific Strike I got here up with a loopy concept.

Since the previous Origin flight sim games based mostly on RealSpace engine (Strike Commander, Pacific Strike and Wings of Glory) can use mouse enter to pan your view contained in the cockpit, you may principally use Track IR’s mouse emulation function to make your Track IR work in these previous games!

To make it work you must run the TIR software program as traditional, run the Mouse Emulation software. While In recreation press ALT-O to open choices display and make sure you set Panning Ctrl: to Mouse.

You should tweak few settings in Track IR software program – I needed to lower the sensitivity and invert the Pitch axis.

The flying is a bit clunky, nevertheless it works!

The solely disadvantage of Mouse Emulation is that should you hit the view restrict in recreation you’ll shift the middle place.*

Sorry for sucking in recreation, I have never performed Pacific Strike in a very long time!

Also value noting is that any recreation utilizing the mouse for view panning can use the identical technique. I alredy used it efficiently in Jane’s F-15 or in the primary launch of IL-2 Sturmovik from 2001 which does not help Track IR.

[*] If you hit the “view limit” in recreation (whereas wanting again), and your precise head nonetheless strikes previous this restrict, once you attempt to convey again the view to middle you can see that your head place is not centered as initially. It will probably be offset from middle the identical quantity you moved your head previous “view limit” (contemplating that mouse acceleration is disabled in Windows, if not it’s going to add one other variable, because the velocity of your head motion will affect the space travelled). That’s as a result of whereas your head motion in recreation has stopped, the cursor of emulated mouse doesn’t. At this level when your attempt to deliver again your head to middle, the motion will begin instantly because the enter is taken from emulated mouse cursor, not the pitch and yaw axis absolute place describing your head orientation. With this type of monitoring you will be unable to middle your view with the standard F12 command – it should middle your virtual head in Track IR software program however it won’t have any effecy on the mouse emulation software program – the cursor will keep in place. But you possibly can simply add a command in your joystick button or HAT change to middle the view by means of switching the view to F1 view in recreation (or simply press the F1 key). I’ve it sure to my HAT up change in dosbox mapper.


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