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VR headsets could soon be half the size of the Oculus Rift

It’s a startling distinction, too. Most headsets are at the least as giant as Google’s Cardboard viewer. Kopin’s prototype, on the different hand, is no less than a 3rd smaller. That’s as a result of it is constructed round two tiny, low-power excessive decision shows that measure simply 1-inch diagonally — the similar tiny 2K VR panels the firm showed off at CES earlier this year. The finish result’s a diminutive headset that appears like a squashed model of the Oculus Rift. I solely wore the rig for a couple of minutes, however throughout that point the compact, light-weight headset felt snug.

Unfortunately, it isn’t good. Kopin’s pint-sized VR headset confirmed me sharp, high-res visuals, however it confined them to a small field of view. The shrunken optics supply a sphere of imaginative and prescient that is about half the size of a typical VR headset. The optics cannot presently be adjusted both. Kopin informed Engadget the firm is experimenting with totally different lens configurations to attempt to broaden the FOV, nevertheless it’s finally a limitation of the show know-how. A one-inch 2K display is superb, however it’s simply too small to make a totally immersive VR headset.

Still, we’re speaking about an early prototype right here, and Kopin says the above difficulty can be fastened. The miniaturized display know-how can be used to make bigger shows, and improved optics could additionally improve the FOV — however it won’t have to. Kopin introduced the prototype with the eventual objective of becoming a VR show into a tool about the size of a pair of sunglasses. If they created a headset that basically was that small and moveable, a loss of peripheral imaginative and prescient may be a suitable compromise.

Either method, it is nonetheless a bit early to guage. The firm says it solely began designing the prototype two months in the past, and there is nonetheless lots of work to be carried out. Today, the firm’s tiny reference headset is only a curiosity — however it’s an encouraging one. One which will result in smaller, lighter and extra shopper accessible virtual reality in the future. And that future might come prior to we anticipated.

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